Saturday, July 4


You know I've been a goof. Let me just, firstly, cop out to that one. For as long as I'm the guy you know, I've waited for someone that cares so decidedly and profoundly for me. That'd be you.

I'm so thoroughly sorry for choosing to forget how much it mattered to me to find someone like you, the most doting person I've ever known that didn't actually have something to do with me being born in the first place.

So, yes... all the good things I've done for you, simply aren't enough. That I may react sometimes brashly and to my own detriment is proof only that I'm inexperienced and so far (though not for much longer) unappreciative. But hell, it's pretty easy for me to just take a step back, think of you, the whole of you... and just find myself out of breath.

I love every curve that there is to ya, that I'm able to see how life flows through every inch of your body and your eyes... that pair of shade-changing wonders that lifts my soul every time I'm lucky enough to stare at them. And boy, am I lucky. Nowhere else in this life of mines do I find something so soothing and complex. You are the challenge I'll forever want to take on. You don't stand still or react, you are this wonderful person that compliments and tries to better mines, a perfect problem I want to solve every single time.

I have made the most special find of my whole life. Or maybe it's that you found me. That part is irrelevant. You are now with me everywhere I go, and I walk a few inches above the ground because of it.

I love you Jessica.

p.s: I pinnnnnnch ^_^

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