Monday, November 27

Hello, world.

It's hard to tell how some ideas become recurring thoughts which the mind cannot do away with. After all, the desire to do is a capricious imperative in us all.

I guess there was something about the many disparately remarkable things that transpired this weekend which first let me to entertain the thought of creating a blog, then concluding that I could not, should not, do without one. After all, there are very little differences to appreciate between a well written blog and a well written editorial, both having the potential to be equally influential but the former being more accessible. Blogs are ripe for exploitation, of this, I'm no longer unaware. Better late than never.

What, if anything, may you anticipate?

I can't quite say what this words might illustrate, but I promise, something of interest you'll always read. If this not be the case, heavens! curse my fate!

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